Alastair William Barnes

Born in East London, schooled at Selbourne College and left to run wild by an ancient, deaf, disinterested grandparent guardian with whom he lived.

Attained most of his education in a serendipitous haze whilst hunting, fishing and languishing amongst the beautiful game-filled forests, bush and rolling grass-smothered hills of the border area of the Eastern Cape.

Studied art at school with Tony Grogan as mentor. Strongly influenced by artists such as J H Pierneef, Anton Van vouw, Rodin, Bugatti, Klimt, Andere Derain, Ernst Kirschner etc.

“I see painting as a joyous expression as to the way I see love and life, using colour as symbols of sound and light and form. My sculpture ranges from the quirky to the intense, from exquisite detail to broad unreasonable form. I see life as a marvellous jol and cant wait for the sun to rise each day.”

Alastair’s work is obtainable at top class galleries in South Africa. He has had many part exhibitions as well as one-man shows and gladly take commissions, particularly portrait sculpture which is his forté.

Feel free to get in touch:

Alastair Barnes photographed by Keith Begg

Alastair explaining the bronze casting process. Image courtesy of Keith Begg

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